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Recruitment Brochure


I. Recruitment positions and conditions:

1.   女生20%500名 Production operators ( 80% boys and 20% girls) 500

2.          1 )初中(含)以上学历,年龄: 16-45 周岁,持有身份证,个人资料情况真实有效。 Requirements: ( 1 ) Junior high school (inclusive) or above, age: 16-45 years old, holding an identity card, personal information is true and valid.

         2 )身高:男 1.65 米以上,女 1.55 米以上;视力:裸眼 1.0 以上,无色盲或色弱。 ( 2 ) Height: 1.65 meters or more for men , 1.55 meters or more for women ; vision: 1.0 or more with naked eyes , no color blindness or color weakness.

         3 身体健康,无先天性疾病,身上无特大纹身。 ( 3 ) Good health, no congenital diseases, no large tattoos on the body.


薪资福利: Salary and benefits:

试用期 3 个月,包装工等试用期 1 个月。 The probation period is 3 months for production operators and 1 month for packaging workers . 2-3 年,平均工资在 2500 4000 / 不封顶,除生产各部门岗位津贴和考核奖金外,另工作满 1 年后从第十三个月起有工龄奖 100 / 月, 5 年封顶; 8 小时以外不加班,月休 4 天, 周末及法定节假日如有加班另计算加班费。 The contract period is 2-3 years after passing the trial . The average salary is not capped at 2500-4000 yuan / month . In addition to the post allowances and assessment bonuses for each department, there is a working age award from the thirteenth month after one year of work 100 yuan / month, capped for 5 years; no overtime beyond 8 hours, 4 days off a month, overtime fee will be calculated if there is overtime on weekends and statutory holidays.


福利政策 * * Benefit Policy *

u   The company pays social insurance for its employees in accordance with law, namely endowment insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, and maternity insurance;

u    The company provides free work meals, and free work clothes and other labor protection supplies, summer heatstroke prevention supplies and allowances;

u    Holidays (such as Mid-Autumn Festival) will be given holiday gifts or dinners for employees as appropriate; birthday cards (signature of the chairman) and cakes will be issued by employees' birthday companies

u   The company solves the problem of enrolling children of employees; employees' direct family members visit and the company provides accommodation according to relevant regulations;

u   1 年后,通过公司考核员工每年享有出国旅游的机会。 All employees enjoy the opportunity of training and fair promotion; after one year of work , the employees who pass the company assessment have the opportunity to travel abroad each year.


工作时间: 3. Working hours:

8 小时,三班倒作业,即早班 Work 8 hours a day, 3 shifts, morning shift   00 16 00 ,中班 16 00 24 00 ,夜班 08 : 00-16 : 00 , mid-shift 16 : 00-24 : 00 , night shift   00 08 00 24 : 00 08 : 00 . Shift once a week.


住宿条件: 4. Accommodation conditions:

公寓宿舍4/间,宿舍备有电扇、空调、电视机、网络、衣橱、卫生间等配套设施,长期供应开水,环境安全舒适整洁。 Provide accommodation, new apartment dormitory for 4 people / room, the dormitory is equipped with supporting facilities such as electric fans, air conditioners, televisions, internet, wardrobes, toilets, etc. It has long-term supply of boiling water, and the environment is safe, comfortable and clean./月。 A management fee of 30 yuan / month is charged as appropriate.


所需证件: V. Required documents:

   张。 The original "Resident Identity Card", "Graduation Certificate" or "Certificate of Diploma" and one photocopy, plus two one-inch photos.


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